Military Veterans

In a way, we already know each other. You and Hawk Aerospace and Logistic, LLC have both been responsible for protecting men and women in uniform. We’re both driven to keep our nation and allies safe. We both know the value of performance. If you’re a military veteran transitioning to a new career, you’ll feel right at home on the Hawk Aerospace and Logistic team.

We employ veterans worldwide and are committed to hiring and assisting our military-experienced candidates and employees. You bring a unique set of skills to our company, and have a first-hand appreciation for our business, products, and services. We value the training and leadership development that candidates gain from their military service and experience.

Finding your next career is an important part of transitioning from military to civilian life. We hope these tips are useful as you begin your search:

Resume Preparation

There are some fundamental components that should be included in every resume:
•Specific dates of employment and job transition
•Correct job titles
•Summary of qualifications
•Clearance information
•Statements describing your most recent job and prior jobs (include as many as appropriate)
•Specific results and benefits that support your activities and accomplishments

Job Search Strategies

Leadership, communication, teamwork, resource planning, and competitive strategy are transferable to a variety of private-sector positions. You can browse our job search page by keyword to identify potential opportunities that fit your skills and experience. Once you’ve identified the types of positions you are qualified for, it is as simple as sending your resume.

We at Hawk Aerospace and Logistics would like to to wish you the best of luck in everything you do....Salute to you.